Review: The Guest List by Lucy Foley

The Guest List: A Novel
By: Lucy Foley
Publisher: William Morrow

In THE GUEST LIST by Lucy Foley, Jules and Will are getting married on an exclusive island. It’s the wedding of the year as Jules is a posh online magazine founder and editor and Will is the host of a popular adventure TV show. The rugged and somewhat spooky atmosphere of the remote island is the perfect exclusive getaway for this trendsetting and adventurous couple. As the wedding party arrives the night before the big day, friends are reunited and old memories start to surface. Not all are good. 

This psychological thriller takes us into the minds of multiple characters throughout the wedding weekend. As their stories weave together, we get the sense that some truth is hiding away. As the wedding celebrations rage on, the truth starts to come out little by little. Someone will end up dead, but who will it be? Jules, the controlling bride; Olivia, the half sister of the bride; Hannah, the wife of Jules male best friend; Johnno, the creepy best friend; or Aoife, the wedding planner? Maybe another guest? As their stories are told, we find out that they are all hiding secrets from each other. But are those secrets enough to kill for?

Lucy Foley intertwines a twisty tale through multiple perspectives that comes to a thrilling and satisfying end. The breadcrumbs throughout fuse together in a way that will keep you turning the page, guessing what will happen next. The readers know that someone will die, but who will it be and who is the killer? The guessing continues until the end, which makes this a fast paced read, perfect to distract you from the world outside. As weddings have been canceled across the world, it’s a perfect time to join Jules and Will for theirs. 

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