Hi. I am Zack Barnes, and welcome to A to Z Book Reviews. I am a special education teacher at Metro Nashville Public Schools, and I am a recent PhD graduate from the Literacy Studies program at MTSU. Now that I am not longer working on a dissertation, I have much more time to read!

zack profile 2As a middle and high school teacher, I will be reviewing a lot of a middle grade (MG) fiction. I read a lot of MG books so that I can personally recommend those books to my students. I’ll also be reviewing a wide variety of books that I read, including nonfiction, young adult, and spy thrillers.

I am also a freelance writer interested in education, science, politics and interviews. My writings have appeared in The Tennessean, Education Post, Nashville Scene, Memphis Daily News, Chapter 16, and Nashville Ledger

You can follow me on twitter at @zbarnes and email at Zack (at) zbarnes.com.

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