Review: The Hour of the Assassin by Matthew Quirk

The Hour of the Assassin
By: Matthew Quirk
Publisher: William Morrow

Matthew Quirk brings out all the action and suspense in The Hour of Assassin. Former secret service agent Nick Averose is good at what he does. Now running his own business, he works with clients to identify the weaknesses in their security by actually breaking through their protection detail. He’s been hired for a great gig: He’s breaking into the house of the former CIA director. Once he sneaks through the former director’s security, he finds that he walked into a trap. The former CIA director is killed, and Nick is now framed as the killer. The real killers are good. They can place him at the murder scene and have hacked into his computer to leave a trace of emails linking him to the dead former CIA director.

As he runs for his life, Nick discovers the conspiracy runs to the highest level of government. With the conspiracy running deep, Nick doesn’t know who he can actually trust. He must now keep alive, stay out of the hands of the police, and solve who was actually behind the assasination. This was a politically intriguing book, with the casts of characters including presidential candidates, campaign staff, and security contractors. The pacing, plot development, and twists throughout will leave you gasping in surprise. Matthew Quick has a knack for writing political thrillers, and after reading The Hour of Assassin, I am going to read the rest of his books (The Night Agent is also great!). If you are looking for an action packed political thriller, this is the book for you.

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