Review: Circus Mirandus by Cassie Beasley

Circus Mirandus
By: Cassie Beasley
Publisher: Dial Books for Young Readers

The legend of Circus Mirandus is a story that Micah’s grandfather has told him his whole life. The story is filled with a flying bird woman, a giant tiger guarding the gate, a magician called the Man Who Bends Light, and to get in, they accept only objects you happen to be carrying, not actual tickets. A strange place, right? Micah always loved those stories when he was growing up under the care of his Grandpa Ephraim. Unfortunately, Grandpa Ephrain is slowly dying.
One evening Grandpa Ephraim tells Micah Circus Mirandus is a real place. The stories he was telling came from his own experience. The Man Who Bends Light, an all powerful magician, promised Grandpa Ephraim a wish many years ago when he was a child, and he has written to him to grant him the wish. With Grandpa Ephraim’s life quickly coming to an end, Micah, with the help of his non-magic believing friend Jenny, set out to find Circus Mirandus and make sure that his grandpa can get his dying wish. The task is a lot harder than you would think, especially since Jenny doesn’t believe in magic. But they must find answers and the wish before it’s too late for Micah’s grandfather.

Circus Mirandus is tale that must have been pulled straight from the imagination of a young child. Author Cassie Beasley takes us to the most magical place in this vividly written book, and your heart will leap wondering, “Are those stories I believed as a kid really true?” Beasley weaves the heartbreak of a dying family member with the colorfulness of the circus perfectly. You finish this book thinking about magic, specifically that one little piece of magic is enough to change the world. Sometimes, the only magic we have is actually believing that magic exists. When you finish the story, you will be ready to find the magic around you…and be ready to jump right back into the next story. The second book in this series, The Bootlace Magician, comes out October 1. Stay tuned for my review of that book.

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