Review: This Was Our Pact by Ryan Andrews

This Was Our Pact
By: Ryan Andrews
Publisher: First Second

Each year at the Autumn Equinox Festival, the people of a town light lanterns, place them in a river, and watch them drift out of sight. The town’s legend says the lanterns end up as stars in the sky.

Every year, a group of friends chase the lanterns on their bikes until they reach the edge of their town, where their parents say they can not go past. But this year, a pact is made to follow the lanterns until they know for sure what happens to them. No turning back. No matter what. They hop on their bikes for a great adventure.

But as the journey goes on, each friend turns back except for Ben and Nathaniel. Ben didn’t want Nathaniel to come along in the first place, but he had been following behind the group. With only Nathaniel left, Ben has no other choice but to continue his journey with him.

They continue together into a place where they have never been allowed to go before. That comes with anxiousness and excitement. The plot, the characters, and the art are just screaming something magical.

Then, the boys meet a fisherbear, who is on the hunt for the fish that come every Equinox. Together with the fisherbear, they get lost, and then later, separated. The boys get help from an irritable potion master, who looks to be making things worse before they get better. But gives the boys an adventure, no doubt.

Ben and Nathaniel used to be friends, but have grown apart as Ben found himself in the cool crowd. But as the story goes on, the pair learn the power of real friendship. I’ve read some amazing graphic novels over the past few years. There’s something different about This Was Our Pact. The depth of the story and the art combine to make a spellbinding adventure that hooked me from the start.

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