Review: Daughter of War by Brad Taylor

Daughter of War: A Pike Logan Thriller
By: Brad Taylor
Publisher: Dutton

Daughter of War is Brad Taylor’s latest thriller. I’m a huge fan of Brad Taylor’s work, and he continually produces top notch fiction year after year. Daughter of War is no different. In his latest installment of the Pike Logan series, the team is trying to track down North Koreans who are selling hacked US intelligence. When hunting for the stolen information about US citizens in Monaco, the team discovers that the North Koreans are actually trying to sell a substance called Red Mercury to the Syrian regime.

Red Mercury is a WMD in the form of a lethal gas that can kill everyone it touches. One aspect that makes it so powerful is that an hour after the attack, the WMD is no longer detectable. It is paramount that Logan and his team find and destroy the WMD before it’s used on Americans. Luckily, they have come across an unexpected ally: a young syrian refugee, Amena. She has stolen a phone, unaware that it belonged to a terrorist and contained critical information. Now she’s being hunted. Pike Logan and his team are rushing to stop multiple attacks and trying to save Amena’s life. But can they do everything in time to stop multiple terrorist attacks from happening?

Taylor’s stories are so believable, which makes them so delectable. That’s because Brad Taylor knows what he’s writing about. He’s a retired Lieutenant Colonel with the infamous Delta Force, and he uses his experience to write amazing thrillers. Daughter of War continues his collection of high powered and well developed plots.

Long time fans of Pike Logan will enjoy this book, as we see a side of Logan we haven’t seen in a while (his softer side). I love Taylor’s ability to write great character arcs for all his characters, not just Pike Logan. Each book is another look into the lives of different people on the team, and the addition of Amena was a perfect character for this story. Fans of this genre will find a winner in Daughter of War. I’m a lifelong Brad Taylor fan, and I hope you will check out this book. It’s out now.

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