The Last Kids on Earth and the Nightmare King
By: Max Brallier
Illustrator: Douglas Holgate
Publisher: Viking Children’s Books

Jack, Jane, Dirk, and Quint are back in the third installment of the New York Times Bestselling Last Kids on Earth series. Jack and his friends have a pretty great life in Wakefield. They have an awesome treehouse, play amazing games, and hang out with a bunch of friendly monsters. Life has calmed down dramatically since defeating the evil Rezzoch in the last book.

The Last Kids of Earth and the Nightmare King starts when Jack and his friends overhear a radio transmission looking for survivors. The last kids are ecstatic as they realize they may not be the last people on earth after all. There is now hope that everyone could be reunited with their families! All are happy except for Jack, an orphan with no family to return to.

In typical Jack fashion, he decides that if he shows his friends how fun it is in Wakefield, they won’t want to find any other humans. And to be honest, the life of the last kids is pure entertainment. They have freedom to do what they want, when they want, and they have the coolest treehouse… that I’m completely envious of.

As Jack starts to plan a great adventure for his friends, he is hunted by a large, winged  creature, dubbed the Nightmare King. The creature shows Jack nightmares of what the future could hold for the city of Wakefield. Jack and his friends have to fight the Nightmare King, while Jack still tries to prove how fun it is to be a last kid. But is this monster somehow related to Rezzoch or is it another powerful creature trying to destroy the world?

The Last Kids on Earth and the Nightmare King is a hilarious, action-packed adventure. Max Brallier has written a series that is really funny, with great pop culture references throughout, but is also full of life-threatening fights with zombies and other monsters. The illustrations by Douglas Holgate are spot-on, with especially dynamic drawings throughout the nightmare sequences.

These books are just straight fun. Fun characters, fun plot, and fun illustrations. This series is great for a wide variety of readers, and I recommend it to all who love adventures. 

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