By: Kwame Alexander & Mary Rand Hess
Publisher: Blink

Seventeen year old Blade Morrison looks like he has it all. He is the son of a rich and famous rock star, lives in a big house, has a sister who just released a record, and paparazzi follow him around. Musical talent runs through his blood just like his dad, Rutherford.

Beneath the surface, there is more. Rutherford is an addict, and it continuously ruins Blade’s life. With high school graduation coming up, all Blade wants to do is graduate and go off to college with his girlfriend, Chapel.

But on graduation day, Blade’s father crashes the event and embarrasses Blade in front of the whole school. What’s worse, it goes viral and the whole country sees how Blade’s father has ruined another family event through his addition. His dad goes to rehab, yet again. This has happened many times since Blade lost his mother 10 years ago.

That is only the start of something big for Blade. His life is turned upside down when he discovers a family secret that drives him away and across the world in search of himself and his heritage.

Told in the poetic verse that Kwame Alexander is known for, the book is a tale of soul searching, forgiveness, and coming of age. Blade sees life through music, and he uses music to cope, to love, to lose, and more. We get to experience his music throughout the book, and it helps the story progress beautifully.

What Alexander and and his co writer Hess do with this novel is magical. The words flow off the book straight into your heart and soul. They are truly magicians with words. This is a book you need to buy so you can highlight the beautiful verses that stand out to you.

In a book like this, everyone will be able to find verses that hit them and make them think. A fantastic YA book, students will forget they are reading verse once they start. Teachers will easily find use of this book in their classrooms, and I believe students will read and really enjoy it.

The book comes out August 1. You can buy the book here.

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