The Prisoner (A John Wells Novel)
By: Alex Berenson
Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons

Alex Berenson is back with his 11th John Wells novel. In the latest thriller, John Wells must go back undercover as an Islamic terrorist to try to stop an impending attack. This isn’t the first time John Wells has gone undercover like this. In Berenson’s first novel, Wells comes back to America after being an undercover Al Qaeda member for a long period of time as a practicing Muslim. Wells is still a Muslim, and that comes in handy for what he needs to do.

In this book, Berenson puts us inside the head of a traitor. Someone high up in the CIA is giving information to ISIS. This CIA leader is actively working to harm fellow Americans by putting them in harm’s way. Berenson does a fantastic job showing the transformation that took place for this person to turn on their own country.

To catch the mole, Wells becomes an undercover terrorist, gets caught, and is sent to a secret prison in Europe. The cat and mouse game between Wells and mole is well paced with Wells having to gain the trust of the other captured terrorists in this secret prison.

Berenson is at his best, and his insights into the head of a traitor was so well done that it felt like I was reading a true story. I think a lot of people can write a good action scene, but Berenson’s skills are more nuanced and it really helps the book flow.

You can buy the book here.

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