Review: Ring of Fire by Brad Taylor

Ring of Fire
By: Brad Taylor
Publisher: Dutton

With headlines taken straight out of the news, “Ring of Fire” hooks you in with the realistic plot and fast pacing.

The Panama Papers have been released and multiple groups of individuals could possibly face collateral damage from the release. If you missed the news, the Panama Papers were millions of leaked financial documents that had a lot of unsavory information about the ultra wealthy around the world. For the set up to the “Ring of Fire,” the Panama Papers have already had one release, and the second release is about to begin.

The head of a large defense contractor thinks a bribe he made to a Saudi businessman 15 years earlier will come out in the second wave of leaks. What’s worse, the Saudi businessman was a leader in the 9/11 attacks. If the world knew that, the defense contractor’s world would be destroyed. In a story taken straight from the headlines, the contractor feels in over his head and takes drastic measure to keep his life in tact.

At the same time, the Taskforce, an off-the-books intelligence agency, is also making sure their data is not released in the leaks. Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill, the lead operators in the book, are called to their headquarters to discuss the leak of the Panama Papers. They, too, don’t want their off-the-books intelligence agency discovered.

Both the defense contractor and the Taskforce gain intelligence that someone is trying to sell off the second leak before it goes public. Each group is looking to head off a second round of Panama Paper leaks, and some will go as far as killing to stop the leaks.

But as we come to find out, the Saudi businessman involved in the 9/11 attacks is also planning an attack on the 15th anniversary of 9/11, and the Taskforce must stop it. In typical spy thriller fashion, the team tracks the terrorists to stop the impending attacking on America.

Ring of Fire is a full throttle adventure. After reading this book, you will start to notice the similarities between his book and what is happening in our world. Brad Taylor has experience that many of us will never have. A former Delta commander, Taylor spent 21 years in the Army deployed throughout the world. He now uses that experience to write amazing books.

You can buy the book here.

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