The Last Kids on Earth
By: Max Brallier
Illustrated by: Douglas Holgate
Publisher: Viking Books for Young Readers

thelastkidsonearthWhat a fun ride this book was. If you love funny, adventure filled, and apocalyptic middle grade books, you will love this one!

Here’s what you need to know. Thirteen year old Jack Sullivan is riding the bus to school one day when the monsters, zombies, and more start taking over his town. He is split up from his best friend, Quint, and the book starts with Jack trying to find him. This is just one of the many tasks he needs to do to survive the last days on earth.

Jack’s adventures around this town includes a continued fight with a large monster named Blarg, a search for a girl Jack has a crush on, and hunting for supplies. Need to survive an apocalypse? This book will help you stay alive!

Along the way, Jack gains a crew of friends to help take on these monsters (as you can see from the book cover). It’s a book that I would recommend to students who love funny books with adventures. While this book does have zombies and monsters, it’s not scary. It’s thrilling at time, but is okay for students who don’t like scary books. Max Brallier has done a great job weaving adventure, thrilling, and laughter all the way through. Throughout this book I have laughed at a lot of the jokes and also wanted to keep reading to find out what happened next.

But what makes this book even better is the amazing illustrations by Douglas Holgate. Holgate’s illustrations brings to life the characters and monsters, and keeps the story going.

I recommend these lightly illustrated novels to students who are afraid to break out of the graphic novel section. This novel is a great middle road between graphic novel and novel. The illustrations will help struggling readers with comprehension throughout the book.

Final verdict: Looking for a fun time during an apocalypse? This book is the one for you.

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